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GCREA Charter Members

The Gwinnett County Retired Teachers Association had its beginning on September 27, 1972, at the Educational Building in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Mr. Kanakee Anderson, a representative from the State Department of Education, Retired Teachers Division, and Mr. A, J. Cooper, representing the Retired Teachers Association of the Ninth District, were present to assist the thirteen charter members in organizing the Gwinnett County Unit.

T. Carl Buice, First President

Louise Allen

Velma Buice

Grace Burel

Alline Craig

Carolyn Foreman

Florence Garner

Velvie Garner

Bethel Harris

Martha Mercier

Ruth Puckett

Daisy Shadburn

Vinnie Lee Wallace

For 50 years the Gwinnett County Retired Educators Association (GCREA) has been an ever-increasing force in the lives of those who have retired from the field of education.  Current members are grateful for the past presidents of this association and the many hours of leadership given to further the purposes of this local unit of the Georgia Retired Educators Association (GREA.)



1972-1974 T. Carl Buice

1974-1976 Florence Garner

1976-1978 Crawford Puckett

1978-1980 Leona Williams

1980-1982 Jane Alexander

1982-1984 James Caples

1984-1986 Annie F. Flanigan

1986-1988 Don Herndon

1988-1990 Barney Davis

1990-1992 E. Reid Mullins

1992-1993 Don Burt

1993-1994 Mary F. Long

1994-1995 Gailya Raines

1995-1996 Katherine Carlyle

1996-1997 Deloris N. Mullins

1997-1998 Marie Beiser

1998-1999 Harriette Hamrick

1999-2000 Bob Hamrick

2000-2001 Nancy F. Wayte

2001-2002 Brenda Bigham

2002-2003 Ralph Greene

2003-2004 Lois Lane Allen

2004-2005 Dr. Beverly Dryden

2005-2006 Dr. Nancy O’Neill

2005-2006 Dr. Nancy O’Neill

2006-2007 Jean Biggers

2007-2008 Nona Patterson

2008-2009 Dianne Lockwood

2009-2010 Nita Killebrew

2010-2011 Dr. Judith Fundis

2011-2012 Linda Jenkins

2012-2013 Stephanie Hodgin

2013-2014 Murla Crawford

2014-2015 Judy Shaklee

2015-2016 Dianne Lockwood

2016-2017 Joyce Parks

2017-2018 Terrie Adkins

2018-2019 Dr. Jan Calkins

2019-2021 Penny Clavijo

2021-2022 Tina Duncan

2022-2023  Kimberly Rooker




1993-1994 E. Reid Mullins

2003-2004 Mary F. Long

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