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From our President, Karen Efstration:

T Together

E Everyone

A Achieves

M More


Hello Retired Georgia Educators,


I hope you’ve been taking some time since retiring to enjoy your family and the blessings of where you live. Hopefully you’ve been able to travel! I finally have time like never before. During earlier years in addition to teaching, my life was about what I had to do: housework, studying, childcare, a second or summer job. I never asked myself if I enjoyed it.

Well, things are different now. I’m trying to take time for those little things: looking at the leaves on different trees, listening to the birds chirp, joyfully observing little babies as they pass me in the grocery store, and smelling my coffee in the morning.

Let’s work to make this time together that way also. Let’s enjoy the little things about our retired educator’s time by meeting back up and sharing ideas on staying safe, smelling and tasting new foods, and working as a team to help ourselves and others in our community improve.

We can do this so much more if we work as a team. We can help each other to reconnect with friends, try new things, achieve something big, and spend our time learning something new.

Come on! Let’s be a TEAM because Together Everyone Achieves More!

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             Our Purpose

To promote the economic, social, and professional status of retired educators, and the distribution of information of value to them.

To promote passage of legislation beneficial to retired educators and work toward the defeat of legislation harmful to retired educators.

To promote the advancement of high quality education to enable educators to maintain their interest in education and their fields of specialization.

To promote the involvement of retired educators in community service and the decision-making process in the State and Local communities.

To present the image of aging as one of dignity and independence.

To encourage active educators to begin retirement preparation well in advance of retiring.

Our History

Gwinnett Retired Educators Association (GCREA) began in 1972 as Gwinnett County Retired Teachers Association.  GCREA is a local unit of the Georgia Retired Educators Association (GREA).

GCREA and GREA are your voices with the state legislature and the Teachers Retirement System.  They also keep you informed of changes in the State Health Benefit Plan.

GCREA and GREA continue to be the only organizations that concentrate exclusively on the needs of Gwinnett County retired educators.



Our Mission

The Gwinnett County Retired Educators Association is committed to uniting retired educators for fellowship, support and continued educational and community service. The Association will seek to improve benefits for all retired educators through cooperation with local, state and national organizations. (Adopted by the GCREA Governing Board, June 6, 2002)

GCREA is governed by an elected 

Executive Committee and a Board of Directors. These leaders are experienced, dedicated, and dependable professionals.  

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