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From our President, Kimberly Rooker:

Dear Members, 

“Find Joy in Fellowship, Support and Service” with GCREA. We should be joyful that our

Retired Educators Association has thrived and grown for 50 years! Therefore, I am honored to serve

as your President 2022-2023 with our Executive Board and Chairs. My heart is full of anticipation

and prayer for a successful continuation of GCREA into the next 50 years. 


Monthly meeting attendance needs to increase from the membership starting in September. The Sugarloaf TPC is a great place to have our meetings. The food service, security, and guest hospitality is outstanding. Let’s all come together, at the Sugarloaf TPC in Duluth, for our scheduled meetings on 9/16, 11/6(GA Retired Educators Day, location TBA), 12/16, 1/20, 2/17, 3/17 and 4/21. Our Goal for this year is to joyfully and purposefully follow our motto.


Fellowship - Support - Service


Fellowship - By joining GCREA and attending monthly meetings you will find connections that will bring joy to your heart. Everyone who has educated students has experiences to share and a lifetime of memories.


Support -Bring a friend and prospective member to the very first GCREA meeting this year. You will bring joy and tools to a new retiree who may need information on TRS, the State Health Benefit Plan, AMBA Dental or MASA(discounts on travel, computers and pet insurance). We always update our membership on these benefits and partners. 


Service - Be involved in our charitable giving and outreach, bring joy to all who receive your gifts. Follow and give to our Humanitarian projects of which there are many. (Walk 2End Alz, Book Mobile through GCPS, March of Dimes through GREA and High School(GCPS), College(GGC) and Teacher(GCPS) Scholarships). 


GCREA welcomes all retired educators from public and private schools in this area to our membership. Our growth will bring confidence for a strong Retired Educators Association of the future.


Sincerely, Kimberly Rooker - President, GCREA

Kimberly Rooker.heic

             Our Purpose

To promote the economic, social, and professional status of retired educators, and the distribution of information of value to them.

To promote passage of legislation beneficial to retired educators and work toward the defeat of legislation harmful to retired educators.

To promote the advancement of high quality education to enable educators to maintain their interest in education and their fields of specialization.

To promote the involvement of retired educators in community service and the decision-making process in the State and Local communities.

To present the image of aging as one of dignity and independence.

To encourage active educators to begin retirement preparation well in advance of retiring.

Our History

Gwinnett Retired Educators Association (GCREA) began in 1972 as Gwinnett County Retired Teachers Association.  GCREA is a local unit of the Georgia Retired Educators Association (GREA).

GCREA and GREA are your voices with the state legislature and the Teachers Retirement System.  They also keep you informed of changes in the State Health Benefit Plan.

GCREA and GREA continue to be the only organizations that concentrate exclusively on the needs of Gwinnett County retired educators.



Our Mission

The Gwinnett County Retired Educators Association is committed to uniting retired educators for fellowship, support and continued educational and community service. The Association will seek to improve benefits for all retired educators through cooperation with local, state and national organizations. (Adopted by the GCREA Governing Board, June 6, 2002)

GCREA is governed by an elected 

Executive Committee and a Board of Directors. These leaders are experienced, dedicated, and dependable professionals.  

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